Holy Christ's fair - Fiera del Santo Cristo

Last update 14 April 2023

Last weekend of the April - From April 26th to April 28th 2019

The Holy Christ’s Fair got its name from a statue of the Christ which was sculpted by a German prisoner during the First World War. Nowadays, it’s situated in Saint John’s Church.


Three day long exposition of cars, machines and tools for Agriculture and Oenology in Piazza Garibaldi.

Sunday April 28th

On the town streets and squares:
- Great Market of the Fair

On Piazza Martiri di Alessandria:
- A stand serves “Torta Verde” (a savoury cake made of rice and vegetables).
- Meeting point for the guided tours to the town attractions, organised by IAT Nizza Monferrato.

Fiera del Santo Cristo 2023 locandina con programma

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