Saint Charles’ Fair - Fiera Patronale di San Carlo

Last update 22 February 2023

November 4th 2019

Celebrated since 1516, Saint Charles’ Fair was first given as a genorosity act by the Marquis of Monferrato, William IX.

The Fair has always taken place between the end of October and the beginning of November as a demonstration of the particular devotion of the city to its saint patron, believed to have miraculously saved the town during a war siege.

So, every year the town centre is still livened up with stands which sell typical products such as the Cardo Gobbo di Nizza Monferrato (the local cardoon variety), Barbera and other local wines. Other stalls are set up to serve typical dishes, as “Belecauda” (made with chickpeas flour), “Bagna Cauda” (a sauce to be consumed with fresh vegetables) and the “Chiocciole di San Carlo” (an old traditional candy).

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