Regione Piemonte

Memorial plaque to the Martyrs of Alessandria - Nizza Monferrato

Address: Piazza Martiri di Alessandria, 14049 Nizza Monferrato AT, Italia

Memorial plaque dedicated to the memory of the fallen partisans Caruzzo Eugenio (18 years), Lottero Mario (18 years), Parodi Carlo (17 years) and Viizzo Leonardo (17 years).

On 11 September 1944 ten men of the XV “Alessandria” division broke into the police station of the Italian Social Republic.

They killed Alessandro Guadagnoli of the Black Brigade of Alessandria.

Men of the Black Brigade and the GNR immediately rushed in and surrounded the barrack.

Carlo Parodi was killed in combat.

Caruzzo, Lottero and Viizzo were instead taken prisoners, shot, and their corpses were displayed in public square at the sight of passers-by.

The plaque was affixed in 2009.