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Terzo Tempo - Osteria Moderna

Address: Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 53, 14049 Nizza Monferrato AT, Italia
Tel: 347 4558270
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The gastronomic proposal is closely linked to the piedmontese / Nizza region tradition and to the seasonality of the products, with an eye for all raw materials, from meats to flours, from meats to cheeses, from vegetables to fruits, all strictly at zero km.

Sometimes even in multiplex cinemas it happens to die and reincarnate, maybe in a tavern, if they are very lucky. It happened here, where for some years the old Verdi cinema on Piazza Garibaldi, now abandoned, has become the Terzo Tempo - Osteria Moderna.

Contemporary venue that maintains the “modern” system of the old cinema, but airy and luminous, certainly not very “old tavern”... but to that we think about the kitchen: all the dishes are dedicated to the purest tradition of this part of Piemonte. In a scattered and absolutely arbitrary order, among the “strong pieces” we remember: the veal with salt, the ravioli, the pasta and beans, the stuffed vegetables, the crepes, the gnocchi of red potatoes, the Hunchbacked thistle of Nizza Monferrato and the famous bagna cauda.

Names of the glorious past local edible but with new flavors and presentations and magazines for the palates and eyes of today.

Of the wines it is almost useless to speak: you will find a really excellent and complete selection of the best bottles in the area and the rest of Piedmont, and sorry if it is not enough.

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