Regione Piemonte

La Signora in Rosso

Address: Via Crova, 2, 14049 Nizza Monferrato AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 793350
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La Signora in Rosso winery restaurant is located in the Palazzo Crova in Nizza Monferrato, an elegant 18th century neoclassical building that blends well with a preexisting body of the 15th century.

The restaurant winds along the fascinating cellars of the historic Palazzo Crova to give you candlelit evenings, in the intimacy of the niches, or entertaining dinners with friends in the wider spaces. During the summer, in the gardens of the Palace between the indoor tables and those in the shade of the trees, you can enjoy the beautiful days.

The restaurant is located inside Palazzo Crova, together with the Enoteca Regionale di Nizza, the Palazzo del Gusto and the Art '900 gallery. You can therefore organize tours and tastings in addition to the normal lunch and dinner service. We are available at the extraordinary opening for groups or guided tours.

Food service

Wine Bar

Italian restaurant 

Seats: 80 - 120 (winter - summer)

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